Ready to Build Your Magnetic Membership? 

Say sayonara to trading your time for money as a Health or Wellness Coach. Build your membership with systems in one powerful platform, so you can scale your impact & revenue without being tied to your computer or your calendar.  


Sounds great, but there's so much tech stuff...

There's no way you are spending your precious time Googling or YouTubing how build a successful membership.

You needed a digital course, coaching packages, community, and sales funnels set up yesterday. 

There's way too many tech tools, how does anyone make any profit with all these subscriptions?

Luckily, You Found The Complete Solution

 I provide done-for-you solutions for coaches who are ready to scale beyond their calendar with digital programs and automated funnels, using just one platform: Kajabi. 

You no longer have to let tech-stress hold you back from creating a successful digital program with courses, coaching, and a membership community.

You've found the digital programs and Kajabi specialist to eliminate the unknowns when it comes to program design, funnel strategy, content development, and client delivery.

Build your program, sell it on repeat, show up and coach on a schedule that works for you!

And, do it all with just ONE platform that lets you market, promote, sell, and deliver high quality digital programs!

Hi, I'm Nicole Mace.

Digital Programs + Kajabi = a Revenue Machine

I've spent my career designing and developing digital programs with seamless delivery for subject matter experts.

After a decade as a digital learning architect for some of the top universities in the US, I turned my passion for digital programs to the world of online coaching and consultanting three years ago. 

A year in to crafting digital programs for online businesses I found the powerhouse platform, Kajabi -- and fell in love with the level of automation available to create powerful sales funnels and engaging digital learning experiences!

Now, I empower health & wellness coaches to build the digital program business of their dreams so they can stop trading time for money and fully leverage their expertise! 


Ways to Work Together

Blueprint Session

Not ready to book a VIP Day yet, but would love a custom blueprint to see what assets you need to prepare to be ready for your day? Book your 90-min Blueprint session here to map out your vision.

Yes, Please!

Kajabi VIP Day

Ready to fast-track your digital program business by building core components of your online business machine. Book your Kajabi VIP Day to bring your vision to life in just one day.

Sounds Amazing!

The K-Effect Suite

The exact support you need to confidently build and run your digital programs business in Kajabi. Find the courses, workshops, + supportive community to eliminate tech overwhelm for good.

I Love This!

Don't let tech hold you back. Build the digital programs business of your dreams.