I get it: building systems isn't the most exciting part of being in business.

(Maybe you'd rather be doing just about anything else...?)

That's why The Systemized CEO does things differently. 

We don't provide systems and scaling strategies to then send you on your merry way shouting 'best of luck' as you head back to the non-stop business grind. 

We provide what you actually need to scale your business:

strategy + tech skills + execution. 

Systemizing your business is nearly always a good idea...

But when faced with learning a project management tool one day and organizing an entire operations hub (it's a mess in my head, how the hell am I suppose to organize in this techie thing!)

and figuring out how to delegate all of these tasks to your team, without micromanaging every details ...

the internet maze of how to scale based on the latest AI trend this month is not actually growing a business you want or increasing your ROI.

AND if you're a consultant... 

adding digital course creation, platform comparison, and marketing funnel building ... well, you've got enough going on trying to keep with with your demanding clients. 

 You dream of streamlined workflows where everyone on your team knows exactly what you need, when you need it, and how it needs to be done. ⚙️🔁🧘🏻‍♀️

You dream of going on vacation and seeing digital product payment notifications chime 📳 on your phone as you sip your spicy margarita in a lounge chair 🏖️. 

Oh, you're in just the right place, honey! This is where I come in:

Systems Strategist and Digital Learning Architect extraordinaire, at your service. →

I consult and execute on strategies to solve capacity challenges for consultants and agency owners who are ready to embrace a new version of their business that doesn't require every waking moment of their calendar in order to be successful. 

It's time to leverage the hell out of technology to cash in on your hard-earned expertise. 

The fancy word for all of that?  Systemization.

But all YOU need ot know is that I'll hand over the online programing strategies, the technology skills, and the project management jiu jitsu to provide what you need to transform you business from a time-suck to a well-oiled-machine. 

Here's why you can trust me:

I Know My Stuff 

I've spent the last 12 years stock piling degrees in instructional technology, digital teaching, and online programing like I'm preparing for the end of the 'face-to-face' world, where we'll all be living in singular pods to learn and work.

(2020 anyone?)

  • Bachelors in Teaching w/ Integrated Technology emphasis

  • Masters in Educational Technology

  • Graduate Certification in Digital Instructional Design

  • Doctorate in Instructional Technology & Leadership (in progress, 2026)

Not My First Rodeo

With 8 years of digital learning design in higher education and professional development, you'll have an advisors, a strategic partner, and project manager to build your knowledge empire. 

I began my online work leading a fully remote team in 2017 in developing online programing for universities. I continue to advise higher education institutions on designing fully online education services and learning opportunities. 

Let's just say, I've been leveraging technology for teaching, collaboration, and communication years before the rest of the world found out how cool it was. 

Learning is My Jam

Have you ever taken the Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment? Wanna guess my top strength? 
          Yep, it's learning. 💡

Learning gives me energy. You'll find me constantly reading, listening to podcasts, working through programs, and studying new theories...for fun.  🤓

There's a science to teaching and learning in adults. It's called andragogy and it's fascinating. Don't get me started on learning theory and instructional design principles. 

I started as an educator and I will always use education as a vehicle to serve others. 

Ready to learn how you can serve your clients with our stuffing your calendar?


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