How to Build a Private Coaching Package Using Kajabi: 8 Simple Steps

coaching kajabi Mar 07, 2024

Are you an expert in your field, eager to monetize your knowledge and expertise online? If so, you're in the right place. In this blog post, I'll walk you through the process of creating a one-on-one private coaching package using just one tool: Kajabi.

Hi, I'm Nicole from The Systemic CEO, dedicated to helping coaches and consultants simplify and scale their businesses using Kajabi. Today, I'll guide you through the steps to build out a private coaching package exclusively using Kajabi, without the need for any additional tools or links.

Let's dive in and get your coaching package ready to go in ten minutes or less.


Step 1: Accessing Kajabi

First things first, log in to your Kajabi account. Once logged in, navigate to the products section on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Click on "All Products" to proceed.


Step 2: Creating Your Coaching Package

In Kajabi, there are four main product types: digital course, podcast, community, and coaching. For our purpose, select "Coaching."

It's essential to note that coaching differs from other products offered on Kajabi. While courses, podcasts, and communities are retroactive, meaning updates apply to all users, coaching packages are customizable for each client at the time of purchase. This flexibility allows you to tailor your coaching program to individual client needs without affecting previous versions.


Step 3: Setting Up Your Coaching Package

Within the coaching product, you'll find features such as live video conferencing, calendar integration, video/audio content sharing, shared notes, exclusive downloads, and more. These tools enable seamless communication and resource sharing between you and your clients.

Begin by adding a title and description for your coaching package, along with an eye-catching thumbnail. Next, specify the number of sessions and customize scheduling preferences to suit your availability.


Step 4: Pricing and Payment Options

Choose whether to offer your coaching package for free or set a price. If you opt for paid coaching, Kajabi seamlessly handles payments through integrated platforms like Stripe. Set your price, and you're good to go.


Step 5: Program Outline and Settings

Outline the structure of your coaching program, keeping it flexible for customization based on individual client needs. Provide session details, agendas, resources, and any additional notes. In the settings section, fine-tune program details such as scheduling, live video recording, page colors, and upsell options.


Step 6: Client Management

Monitor your active and past clients, review session details, and manage client interactions effortlessly within Kajabi's intuitive interface.


Step 7: Client Experience

From the client's perspective, accessing your coaching package is straightforward. Upon enrollment, clients can schedule sessions, view session details, access shared resources, and join live video sessions—all from their personalized library within Kajabi.


Step 8: Final Considerations

As you finalize your coaching package, remember to connect it to an offer within Kajabi and streamline the purchasing process. Consider using an application process rather than directly selling the package on your website to ensure tailored client experiences.

In conclusion, Kajabi offers a comprehensive solution for creating and managing private coaching packages, providing both coaches and clients with a seamless and personalized experience.

I hope this guide has been helpful in navigating the process of building your coaching package using Kajabi. For more tips and insights on leveraging Kajabi for your business, feel free to subscribe to our channel. Until next time, happy coaching!


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