Set Up Your Kajabi Course & Automate Sales in 21 Days or Less

(Even if Tech is NOT your thing!)

Sound familiar? 

"I've been paying for Kajabi for a year and haven't really touched it because I'm overwhelmed by all the steps."

Feeling the excited about Kajabi potential, but overwhelmed with the learning curve?

You're not alone! 

I've had dozens of coaching clients in this exact same spot.

Picture this: with Kajabi, a year's subscription costs $1,800. But imagine this ‚Äď by selling just one $300 course to 10 eager learners, you could be looking at a sweet $3,000 in your pocket!

And that's only scratching the surface!

Once you've got your tech all sorted out, it's like smooth sailing from there! Adding more students and courses becomes as easy as pie. That means you can make an even bigger impact on your audience while watching those dollar signs stack up in your bank account ‚Äď all without having to sacrifice more of your precious time!

Let's not allow tech hurdles to stand in the way of launching your amazing course, program, or membership!

It's high time to change the game and start generating some serious revenue for your business. Take that incredible expertise of yours and transform it into a course that not only enriches lives but also fills up your wallet!

Here's the Fantastic News:


Setting up your tech doesn't have to be complicated at all!

You can get your digital course & sales ready to roll in 21 days.

When you follow my step-by-step proven process, there's no more:

Feeling overwhelmed in Kajabi, unsure of where to even begin with course creation and automation.

Spending precious hours on YouTube, endlessly searching for tutorials you believe are essential.

Fingers crossed, hoping you've got the tech setup just right when you hit that publish button.


You can launch a beautifully crafted course with automated sales in less time than you ever imagined, and do it with confidence!

Trust me, I understand the frustration of investing countless hours and energy into setting up a course on Kajabi.

When I first delved into the platform, I found myself perplexed by how to align all the moving parts.

Having invested hundreds of hours in Kajabi, I've honed a shortcut to streamline your learning journey, offering the most straightforward roadmap for setting up your course and funnel tech.

No second guessing.

No waisted time.


Launch your digital course with confidence in 21 days or less!
(No technical expertise needed!)

Introducing the solution to your Kajabi course tech headaches ...

The simple step-by-step roadmap for building and selling your well-designed, automated Kajabi course for non-techie, passionate coaches so they can monetize their expertise.


This course is perfect for coaches of all tech-skill levels.

You love tech?

Follow my process to save you a ton of time. 

Tech is your arch-nemesis?

The step-by-step tutorials were created with you in mind.

Enroll Now for $247

By the end of this course you will... 

  • Feel assured that all essential components are configured in your Kajabi account, even if you're uncertain about their functionality.

  • Deliver your students an outstanding course design that seamlessly aligns with your brand,¬†leaving them utterly impressed by the professionalism¬†of your program.

  • Effortlessly craft copy¬†for your pages¬†and welcome sequence, ensuring your students are never left wondering about their next steps.

  • Collect payment on auto-pilot,¬†so you can monetize your knowledge without the hassle of invoicing or how to get paid.

  • Grow your confidence is your Kajabi abilities,¬†even if tech is not your best friend.¬†

Ready to finally conquer the tech and launch your dream digital course with automated sales? 

I have just the thing for you...

3 Simple Phases 

Phase 1

Prep and organize your course and funnel assets. 

[Week 1]

Phase 2

Build your course and client journey completely in Kajabi.

[Week 2]

Phase 3

Connect your funnel automation and test it all out.

[Week 3]

I haven't even gotten to the BONUSES

Bonus: Set Up Your Affiliate Program

Make it easy for your clients to share the love by setting up an affiliate link. Affliliates can receive compensation and provide a discount to their friends. 

Bonus: Write a Sales Page

Ready to write a full-on sales page for your program? I've got you covered! 

Bonus: 3 Month Access to Our Private Community 

I know that no matter how many tutorials you watch, there are always some tech hiccups that pop up. Rather than wasting hours Googling away, post a screen share video in our community and we're hear to help!

Exactly what you need to set up your digital course and automated sales in 21 days or less!

‚úĒ My Step-by-Step 21 Day Roadmap (Value $1500)

‚úĒ¬†Easy-to-Follow Tutorials for Every Step¬†(Value $500)

‚úĒ¬†Course Workbook (Value $97)

‚úĒ¬†Canva Templates Sized to Kajabi Dimensions¬†(Value $47)

‚úĒ¬†Bonus: Affiliate Set Up Process (Value $47)

‚úĒ Bonus: Sales Page Set Up (Value $197)

‚úĒ Bonus: 3 Months Access to our Private Community¬†
    (Value $147)

Total Value $2,535

Today's Price $247

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Hi There, Nicole Mace here!
I'm a Digital Learning Designer & a Kajabi Specialist. 

I've designed online learning for the past ten years, worked in Kajabi for the last three years, and have helped dozens of clients set up their tech for online courses, email marketing, websites, and memberships. 

My passion for online education started way back in 2010 when I spent 1.5 years in Seoul, S.Korea. Witnessing how seamlessly technology was integrated into education lit a fire in me that I carry today.

After spending nearly 12 years building online courses and programing in academia, I found my love for supporting coaches and consultants build their dream online business by leveraging Kajabi. 

Now, I'm here to help you take your expertise and package it into a digital learning experience that impacts the world and your wallet. 

Take it from one of my clients, Tristan R.: 
"There are a lot of people out there teaching Kajabi, but it's clear that you actually know what you are doing and how to build quality online learning experiences." 

Here's My Promise To You

If you've put in your best effort, completing the course, watching all tutorial videos, and actively engaging with our community for support, yet still find yourself struggling to set up your course in Kajabi, my heart goes out to you. You deserve satisfaction with your purchase. Simply reach out to us at [email protected]¬†within 30 days, and we'll promptly issue you a refund. If you'd prefer a more done-for-you approach, consider hiring me for a VIP day, and we'll apply the cost of this course towards the service. Your success and happiness are our utmost priorities.

There you have it. You have nothing to lose now and so much to gain!


Don't let tech hold you back any more! 

‚úĒ My Step-by-Step 21 Day Roadmap (Value $1500)

‚úĒ¬†Easy-to-Follow Tutorials for Every Step¬†(Value $500)

‚úĒ¬†Course Workbook (Value $97)

‚úĒ¬†Canva Templates Sized to Kajabi Dimensions¬†(Value $47)

‚úĒ¬†Bonus: Affiliate Set Up Process (Value $47)

‚úĒ Bonus: Sales Page Set Up (Value $197)

‚úĒ Bonus: 3 Months Access to our Private Community¬†
    (Value $147)

Total Value $2,535

Today's Price $247

Enroll Today!