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Hi, I'm Nicole Mace.
My mission is to turn your ops chaos into clockwork.

Digital agency operations is my craft and team training is my jam. 

I work with small to mid-sized digital agencies to empty out their messy ops closet and craft a custom designed Agency Operating System.

I migrate current work (so no balls are dropped) and train the team to hone healthy work habits and master the operating system.

Why the operations design +  team training combo? 

Teams can only perform at the level their environment allows. mean nothing if the team is lost.


Alesia Dvorkina

Hmara Solutions Salesforce Agency Owner

I knew operations was our biggest roadblock. We have global team of 10 and I wanted to create a better work environment for them. We were just so busy all the time that focusing on operations took a backseat. Nicole's work in our agency elevated how our team collaborates, communicates, and creates!

Jamal Ahmed

Kazient Data Privacy Agency Owner 

My entire team knows who is doing what, when, and how. My project manager was doing the best she could with the mess we had, but she never had capacity to streamline. Nicole came in with a new perspective and created streamlined, transparent systems for my global team. My entire business benefited from her work!


You are in the right place if...


Opportunity is knocking at your door but you are worried about taking on more clients and 'dropping the ball'.

You are tried of all the excuses and just want your team to have exactly what they need to get high quality work done, efficiently. 

Your operations feel chaotic, searching through emails, Slack/Discord threads, and too many meeting to 'sort things out'. 


The solution?

A Proven Framework and an Eye for Efficiency

The Agency Operating System


Phase 1:

Custom Agency Ops Map 

Fixing your agency operations does not start with hacking away at your PM tool or furiously noting checklist for every process. It starts with identifying the real needs and crafting a custom solution to meet those needs.

Phase 2:

Agency Operating System Install

Say goodbye to chaotic project management and operational blindspots. Next, we install your custom operating system with a consistent infrastructure, documented core procedures, and configure key agency data dashboards.

Phase 3:

Empower Your Team

The system supports your team. Your teams supports your business growth. With a dependable operating system in place, your team is training by an actual adult learning specialist (that's me!). 

Anniedi Essien

CEO of Idem Spark 

We went from independent freelancers to a cohesive team. Nicole created an operational hub for each team member to know their priorities day in and day out...without consistently messaging me. I could finally focus on business development while be team took care of the rest. 

 Tristan Ruml

TRGrowth Consultant & Agency Owner 

From idea to execution with unlimited ROI. Don't ask me how Nicole does it, but she took my idea of an entirely new service line and turned it into a well-oiled machine that will generate unlimited ROI for my agency. She turned the chaos in my head into clarity for my team. 

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